CBT Worksheets for Children (PDF): OCD

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An obsessive compulsive disorder treatment manual for CBT therapists, CBT therapists in training & Trainee clinical psychologists: This ocd book explains the meaning of ocd and Includes an explanation of OCD disorder, OCD tests, OCD lists, and signs of OCD symptoms.


CBT Worksheets for children

CBT Worksheets for Children with OCD

This book has been written for trainee CBT therapists and clinical psychologists in training. It has been designed specifically for clinicians who are working with children and adolescents with obsessive compulsive distress and obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD). The worksheets, handouts and templates will also be useful to experienced clinicians who would like to streamline their work with clients.

You are welcome to print out as many copies as you would like for your clinical work.


ISBN: 978-1789704112
Pages: 146
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OCD assessment for childrenCBT Worksheets for Children with OCD has six sections:

Section 1 focuses on assessing OCD. The questionnaires have been designed to be child-friendly, non-threatening and to draw out information to enhance initial formulations (psychological explanations of presenting problems). In order to use the assessments in Section 1 effectively, clients will need to have already read the booklet ‘Joe goes to OCD school’ (located in Section 6 of this book).

Section 2 contains useful templates to assist clinicians to collect information about thoughts and feelings. This information can then be used in Section 3, where general CBT maintenance cycles as well as specific OCD maintenance cycles are introduced.

Section 4 demonstrates how generic CBT cycles can be used for intervention, and includes templates designed to: a) draw out core beliefs; b) create balanced thoughts, and c) place new information in positive generic CBT cycles.

Section 5 has a collection of worksheets that can be used for intervention. These worksheets can be used in sessions and/or given out as homework after they have been utilised in sessions.

Section 6 includes a selection of handouts that can be offered to clients before or after sessions. The handout ‘Joe goes to OCD school’ gives a thorough overview of OCD and what might be expected in therapy. Additional handouts explain: a) how to work with OCD urges; b) how to form a positive relationship with feelings, and c) how brain architecture works.


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