CBT for Panic Attacks: A Journey with Panic (PDF): CBT worksheets for CBT therapists in training

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A Journey with Panic: WITH the LATEST ADVICE on how to STOP PANIC SYMPTOMS using CBT



CBT for Panic Attacks

CBT for panic attacks is one of the most commonly used interventions by CBT therapists. If you are a Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) specialist or a CBT therapist in training you are welcome to use this PDF of CBT Worksheets for Panic Attacks (also known as A Journey with Panic) for your clients. We have made the font size and pixilation ideal for printing. We wrote CBT Worksheets for Panic Attacks because we found that many of our clients found it very difficult to remember topics discussed in their sessions. Over time, we found that using specifically tailored CBT worksheets resulted in therapy becoming more streamlined and efficient. Everything included in this book is information that we use in the real world of clinical practice. Chapters in the middle of this book have been written to assist you with the development of psychological formulations (psychological explanations of presenting problems). The rule sheets, we have included (see pages 78 and 78) are a rapid way of finding out what rules your clients hold. Once rules are identified it is then relatively easy to isolate beliefs and behaviours connected to them. This will lead to the development of longitudinal formulations (explanations for problems that occur over the passage of time) which can be very helpful to you and your clients. This in turn will help you to write case studies and process reports.


ISBN: 978-1535558860
Pages: 160
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Page size: 21 cm x 29.7 cm

What is different about our book on CBT for Panic Attacks

We have written CBT Worksheets for Panic Attacks to be easy to read rather than to impress you with complex vocabulary. Where possible we have included explanations for anything that could be viewed as jargon. Ideally, if you are just starting out in your clinical career this book will offer you most of the things that you need to know about panic attacks.


2016 Beverley Hills Book Award winner – A Journey with Panic
2016 Non-fiction Authors Association Award Winner – A Journey with Panic
2016 Huffington Post’s Best Self-Published books list (2016) – A Journey with Panic
2017 Indie Reader Discovery Awards Winner – A Journey with Panic


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