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CBT Worksheets for Depression is a photocopiable CBT programme for CBT therapists in training: It includes, formulation worksheets, generic CBT cycles, rule sheets, and many other CBT handouts for depression, all in one PDF book.


CBT Worksheets for Depression

If you are a CBT therapist or a CBT therapist in training you are welcome to use copies of CBT Worksheets for Depression for your clients. Everything included in this book is information that is used in the real world of clinical practice. Chapters in the middle of this book have been written to assist you with the development of psychological formulations. Rule sheets, have been included to find out what rules your clients hold. (Once rules are identified it is then relatively easy to isolate beliefs and behaviours connected to them.)


ISBN: 978-1537015026
Pages: 144
File size: 12 MB
Page size: 21 cm x 29.7 cm

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The use of the term Black Dog in CBT Worksheets for Depression

The use of the term ‘the Black Dog’ to describe symptoms of depression can be traced back to 40 BC when it was included in the work of the Roman poet Horace. In more recent times it was made famous by Winston Churchill, the Prime Minister of Great Britain during World War II who often referred to his Black Dog, and the Australian writer and illustrator Matthew Johnstone who wrote the best-selling book, I had a Black Dog.

For centuries the Black Dog has been associated with fear, intense pain, and emotional distress. In the literature the Black Dog has a formidable reputation. Run from it, and it will hunt you down relentlessly. Wrestle with it, and it will bare its fangs. Fear it, and it will stalk you unabatedly. Hide from it and it will haunt you until you are all but a shadow of your previous self. Feed it and it will become much bigger than you. For some, suicide feels like the only way to escape from it.

The misunderstood black dog

The Black Dog has its own language, and follows a specific set of commands and rules. Once you understand the Black Dog, how it operates, and how to communicate with it, you will find that it will happily remain in the background, rather than taking a dominant role in your life.



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