Cognitive behaviour therapy worksheets

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This webpage contains free downloadable cognitive behaviour therapy worksheets with a specific focus on behavioural experiments.



cognitive behaviour therapy worksheetsBehavioural experiments (cognitive behaviour therapy worksheets)

Behavioural experiments are a very important part of CBT (and are often included within cognitive behaviour therapy worksheets). The general idea behind them is to embed positive behaviour change and to break patterns of old maladaptive behaviour. To carry out a behavioural experiment we make a decision to change our behaviour and then put ourselves directly in a position to make that behaviour change happen. We make a prediction before the behaviour is carried out, (what we think or feel what might happen). We then carry out the behaviour and observe the results.

The majority of us make assumptions about how others might react to our behaviour, or how we might feel if we carry out a certain behaviour. A lot of the time, however, our assumptions are based on inaccurate information or a lack of knowledge. Behavioural experiments help with the development of experiential knowledge. Experiential knowledge is knowledge that can only be absorbed through personal experience. Experiential knowledge cannot be learned by thinking about issues or by reading a book.

Completing a behavioural experiment will involve you making a prediction about what you think may occur if you change your behaviour in a particular situation. After you have made a prediction, carry out your new behaviour and observe what occurs. You can carry out behavioural experiments in sessions with your CBT therapist or outside your sessions as homework.

Monitoring results using cognitive behaviour therapy worksheets

Cognitive behaviour therapy worksheets (CBT Worksheets) can be an essential tool for monitoring results of behavioural experiments. Self-reflection is an essential component of change and is assisted by making written records. The PDF attached to this webpage can be downloaded and used as many times as you wish (for personal use only). One of the attached worksheets shows a typical example of how a behavioural experiment worksheet can be completed, another of the attached worksheets has been left blank for you to insert your own information.


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